Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Drugstore Mini-Haul!

Since I had to go to my local CVS to get some more cold meds ( urgh...) I decided to also get some pick me up treats!

I wanted baby shampoo because I've been trying out different ways of cleaning my brushes and baby shampoo is one of the most popular ways to do it. 

PF was on sale at CVS at buy 1 get 50% off the next one. I actually got one of them for free because I had a $6.50 reward coupon so that worked out nicely hehe.

I also ended up going to Walgreens as well because I needed to get more mouth wash (they only seem to sell Closys at Walgreens) and ended up seeing some cute Essie minis that I got for my sister's as stocking stuffers :) I would have picked up the other duo with a really cute lavender but they already have that color and the neutral one that was paired with it wasn't impressive so.... :P. I also got a new base coat because mine has bubbled? I'm not sure what is wrong with it but I looked up the reviews when it started doing that and apparently it is a common problem with this product (Sally Hansen Diamond Base something or other). I saw a display of Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters and HAD to pick up another one because I was just loving the one that was in my previous haul so I will review these soon.

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