Friday, October 28, 2011

Samples! 10/28/11

Things that I am currently trying out:
Lancome's Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate
Deluxe 100 point sample from Sephora

Sekkisei's Lotion
Sekkisei's White Powder Wash
Sekkisho's Perfect Cleansing Oil

Small samples from a local asian boutique.
The lotion bottle is actually empty.
Since many people are not familiar with the second company: Sekkisei and Sekkisho are owned by a Japanese company called Kose. Kose has many other lines and the prices for those lines varies from affordable to premium. Only two premium lines have made it to the US, one is called Awake and the other is Sekkisei. In the Sekkisei company there are 3 main sub groups: the original Sekkisei, Sekkisho, and Junkisui. The Sekkisei sub group can further be divided into the even pricier premium lines that Kose offers. Sekkisho sub group is concerned with the skin's purity so it features products like cleansing oil and masks while Junkisui is a collection meant for oily skinned people.

This will be the last day of Sekkisei's Lotion sample for me. It works really well to control my oil and skin pH so that my skin feels relaxed and soft. This isn't Kose's line for oily skinned people which is why I find it a bit weird that it controls that for me, but it was a nice surprise for sure.  I really like it, but the one thing holding me back from getting it would be the price.

I've used a powder wash and cleansing oil from DHC before so I will be comparing those from memory since I used up the DHC products a while ago.
*Update!: The Sekkisho cleansing oil definitely felt a lot more luxurious than the DHC one, but for the price and functionality DHC is definitely a better value. If you have the money and want to give the more luxe line a try, then reach for the Sekkisho. Its really nice and slippery and has a wonderful fragrance too. On another note, the powder wash made my neck skin break out in a rash! Unfortunately I have very sensitive skin, but on the bright side it also recovers quickly. It burned pretty badly in the shower all of a sudden, but the inflammation is down and more or less gone in under 24 hours but still.... :(

The Youth Activating Concentrate is supposed to stimulate the genes that are more active in the skin of younger people. My assumption, correct me if I'm wrong, is that this serum is meant to boost things like collagen production by turning on genes that the cells no longer really use because they have aged. As someone who wants to make a profession in skin care I'm rather fascinated with this and I hope that it lives up to my expectations.

I will update when I have finished the samples. The Lancome sample is deluxe sized from Sephora so it will likely take a while to finish. The Kose samples are from a small asian cosmetics boutique near where I live.


Friday, October 21, 2011

Daily Skin Care Routine Suggestions

To start off this blog I'm going to talk about daily skin care routines. Basic skin care should always include a gentle cleanser, a toner for your skin type, spot treatments if needed and a moisturizer for your skin type. Any products recommended were purchased and the product was used to completion so I think my opinion on these items should be sound. The products came from various sources such as drugstores, Sephora and other online shops. None of the images are owned by me and were found using Google search.

When selecting a cleanser, keep in mind that this a product you will be using everyday, so pick something that is mild. I highly suggest a cleanser that you can work into a foam, because foams prevent you from "scrubbing" and irritating your skin while effectively removing impurities such as excess oils and makeup. For most skins a cleanser such as Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser or Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser. I have personally tried both a long long time ago and they both worked well before I had "troubled" skin- which is something I will write about at a later time.

As for toner, the only suggestion I can make here is to try samples if you can. Everyone's skin has different needs and a toner is meant to help boost your complexion while addressing you skin's needs. Most toners have been hit or miss for me. Some work great, ok, or just don't do anything at all. There are two popular ways that toners are sold- bottle and spray. The one spray toner that has worked for me is by Murad and is in their Resurgence line. It's meant for anti aging, but I find that it hydrates my oily skin quite nicely without making my skin look gross under my moisturizer during the day. The best bottled toner that is applied with cotton pads was DHC's Balancing Lotion. This is directed at normal to oily skins and balances the pH of the skin to reduce oil.

Moisturizers are also a little tricky to find the perfect fit. Once again try to get samples if you can. Always try to select a noncomedogenic formula in order to not clog your pores. Moisturizers that are too heavy for your skin often cause clogged pores and can make your skin look greasy. Murad's Skin Perfecting Lotion is my go to moisturizer. Before I found that I used a Clean and Clear moisturizer but that was part of the discontinued Soft line*. I'm not sure if they have come out with an updated collection or whatnot since this line was really the only thing that attracted me to the brand.

Those of you with acne prone skin might be temped to use washes and other products with a high doses of medication- DO NOT DO THIS! From personal experience, the over medicated formulas tend to dry out my skin more thereby causing my skin to produce more oil. This only repeats the vicious cycle that leads to acne. If you must, use a cleanser that contains a small amount of salicylic acid rather than benzoyl peroxide.  Also try to avoid alcohol containing toners as these will strip your skin of its needed oils in addition to the excess. Further more avoid medicated moisturizer because this step is supposed to help you skin recover from any treatments (such as clay masks, peels, etc) or spot treatments (benzoyl peroxide, sulfur, salicylic acid, etc).

I plan on doing a separate post about troubled skin and acne in the future. I will going into detail about how I overcame my skin's problems and give suggestions.

*Soft was only discontinued in the US, so you can still purchase this line from vendors in Canada or the internet!

Until next time,

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Getting Started!

To my future readers,

This blog is will talk about lifestyle with a focus on skin care, makeup, and skin care research. I will review products that I own, have owned, or tried. I will also discuss techniques, home remedies, and medical research related to my interests in dermatology.

To keep my posts interesting, please feel free to leave any feed back and/or questions. I will try to the best of my abilities to give full responses.